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To the Shores of Tripoli


Armed with a request from the Arab League for direct intervention in Libya, and a Security Council resolution that authorizes “all necessary measures” to protect civilians in that country from the harm being inflicted upon them by dictator (and madman) Moammar Gaddafi, the United States and its allies are preparing for battle. Western troops have not been seen along the Libyan shores since Montgomery chased Rommel from El-Alamein all the way to Tunis where, with help from Patton, the Hun was hurled off the African coast once and for all. Now, we want the Hun back.

Donohue Defends the Indefensible


Bill Donohue of the Catholic League for Civil Rights has issued a broadside attack against those of us in the media - he mentions NCR by name - who dare to report accurately on the crimes committed against young people by members of the clergy. If only he was as upset about the crimes as he was about the reporting!

But, Donohue discerns a liberal agenda behind the reporting, and claims we at NCR and elsewhere want the Church to adopt our liberal views on sexual matters and are using the sex abuse crisis to that end. He writes: "We know what's going on: get Catholics so riled up that they will demand the Church adopt the liberal agenda on sexuality. They just don't get it: it was the detour from orthodoxy that allowed the abuse scandal to take hold in the first place."

BYU's Honor Code


Joanna Brooks, at Religion Dispatches, looks at the "dark side" of the Brigham Young University honor code.
I understand the value of honor codes, especially at a place like West Point which is doing more than providing an undergraduate education, it is training men and women to defend each other under extreme circumstances. But, a university should also be a place where students are allowed to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. Honor codes can have a chilling effect that warrants examination and Brooks is right to examine it.

Confused but Humane Trumps Clear and Bigoted


Cathy Grossman, at USAToday, looks at the controversy at California's Crystal Cathedral which announced the other day that it was demanding its choirsters sign statements that they oppose sex outside of traditional marriage.
Evdiently, no one sought the opinion of the church's founder Robert Schuller, who has stepped away from the demand that his choir pass a test of orthodoxy. He pointed out that he has never required the choir members be Christian.
As Grossman points out, Schuller's comments are a bit confusing, but they nonetheless breathe a healthy sense of tolerance.
I would add that I suspect Schuller understands something that every pastor in America understands: A music program with no gays is going to be a lousy music program!

Keeping Immigration Front & Center


Ever since the Republicans took over the House, and the Tea Party took over the Republican Party, the prospect for comprehensive immigration reform has looked more grim than usual. As long as the recession continues and millions of Americans remain out-of-work, immigration reform is a tough sell: Provisions for guest workers aren’t popular when your wife or your uncle or your neighbor has been looking for work and can’t find any.

Next Monday, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is sponsoring an all-day symposium on immigration with the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies, the in-house “think tank” of Catholic University. The daytime panels are free and open to the public. In the evening, Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles will speak on the topic of immigration as will the Archbishop of Tijuana, Rafael Munoz. This event is not open to the public because of limited seating, but NCR’s own Tom Roberts will be covering it.

Mark Silk On Philly: Zero Tolerance For Foot-Dragging Bishops


Mark Silk gives his usually incisive take on the situation in Philadelphia, where, as he notes, the people are likely going to support zero tolerance for the chancery's foot dragging tactics as the Dallas norms imposed on pedophile clergy. Silk is also that rare breed of blogger, one who is deeply learned and, just so, recognizes that some of the questions we humans face are perennial ones, going back at least as far as Juvenal!

Woes of a Self-Hating Democrat


Sometimes, I hate my own. Recently, this sentiment comes to me when I get an email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. They are in fundraising mode, and the issues that open leftie walets are, alas, not my issues. This just came into my inbox:
Michael --

Speaker Boehner and House Republicans have gone way too far.

First, they tried to restrict access to reproductive health care. Then, they proposed catastrophic cuts to teachers, nurses, and researchers. Now the Republicans want to control the news.

In fact, House Republicans announced a vote for TOMORROW to cut all federal funding for National Public Radio.

Deficit Hawk or Deficit Panda?


That is the question posed today by Ruth Marcus in an op-ed at the Washington Post. Marcus decides it is better to be a panda and I agree, not least because King Fu Panda was my favorite movie of the past several years. There is a histrionic quality to the cries for deficit reduction. These out-year deficit predictions are not the stuff of alarmism. Ross Perot built his candidacy on the issue in 1992, and he garnered a significant percentage of the electorate, but of course it was Bill Clinton who got the nation's finances in order, and he achieved that without resorting to the kinds of drastic cuts being talked about by the Tea Party and their congressional allies.


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