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John Oliver rips on fashion industry and sweatshop-fueled consumer culture


John Oliver, host of HBO’s comedic news program Last Week Tonight, explored the dark underbelly of the fashion industry and American consumer culture on his show this Sunday.

"Trendy clothing is cheaper than ever, and cheap clothing is trendier than ever," Oliver said, citing a study showing that Americans purchased 64 clothing items per person in 2013. 

Standing with fast-food workers on strike for a better quality of life


At 6 a.m. Dec. 4, I was in Hardee's, chanting, "Fifteen and a union" and "Come on out. We've got your back." A hundred of us -- mostly young, African-American fast-food workers who were on strike -- filled the store. It was raining outside, and the police took a long time to come. When they arrived, we filed out promptly -- and the rain stopped! It was cold and wet, but we had energy.



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