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German diocese wants to hold 'bling' bishop accountable for excesses

Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst earned the "bling" label in 2013 when aides revealed he had spent 31 million euros on a makeover of his residence and office.


Race and 'a very white movement'

Social Justice: While the Catholic Worker movement is highly critical of the country's economic culture, it largely fails to act on the connection between poverty and racism.



God provides

Today we remember the most famous picnic in religious history. How many people were there? Some say 5,000. Did that include women and children? We know for sure that there was at least one child -- girl or boy,...

Philippine church takes lead on Francis' environmental encyclical

Eco Catholic: One of the nations most vulnerable to climate change has become one of the first to mobilize in response to Laudato Si'.


To combat police terrorism, study the response to the church's abuse crisis

At the Intersection: I see parallels between the abuse scandal in the Catholic church and the slow awakening we are witnessing about the realities of police violence. 


US priests join bishops' opposition to the death penalty

"As the largest association of Catholic priests in the United States, we endorse the bishops' stance," said the chair of the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests.


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