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Why are we silencing women (and lay) preachers?

Simply Spirit: The new bishop of Rochester, N.Y., is ending a 40-year custom of lay ministers preaching at Mass. But what does canon law actually say?


Religious leaders encourage Obama to 'move beyond' war in Iraq, Syria

Fifty-three religious leaders and thinkers, including Catholics, asked Obama to "break the cycle of violent intervention" and gave him eight alternate approaches.



L'Arche founder Jean Vanier reflects on weakness and our need for community

April this year marked the 50th anniversary of the L'Arche International community. The Los Angeles Catholic Worker's Catholic Agitator newspaper recently published an interview with Jean Vanier,...


To be a rock of faith, we must let our thinking be changed

Among the various Gospel readings that we have Sunday after Sunday, I think this particular lesson is one that every one of us probably feels we can easily be drawn into that situation, put ourselves there with...

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Korean art pierces souls of traumatized nation

A rally in downtown Seoul drew tens of thousands Friday. On the edge of the plaza, a makeshift art exhibit, featuring paintings and photographs, was wet up to commemorate those who died in the April 16 Sewol...

Political models for the papacy

Defenders of church governance say the church can learn nothing from civil governments. But actually, the church has been borrowing civil government structures since the beginning.


Legionaries of Christ apologize for Maciel-Magdalene parallel

Fr. Juan Solana said he realizes "now that my words were awkward and suggest a reverence for our founder that we clearly reject."


Philadelphia priest, teacher convicted of abuse seek new trial

Lawyers for a priest and Catholic school teacher convicted last year of sex abuse say prosecutors didn't inform them of a witness that would have bolstered their defense.


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