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Becoming a worldwide church with members who love one another

Simply Spirit: Working with the Medical Mission Sisters opened my eyes to a world and way of life I had not previously understood.


The Tablet parts ways with longtime Vatican analyst Robert Mickens

The Tablet suspended Mickens on March 25 to conduct an investigation into a comment Mickens made on Facebook.


Faith & Parish

Losing my religion: Clergy who no longer believe gather online

Catherine Dunphy came to seminary in her mid-20s, full of passion to work in the service of the Catholic church. By the time she left, for many reasons, she had lost her faith.

"I had this struggle where...


Walk the walk: a vocation of justice

Young Voices: A long walk through New Orleans guided the way I understand my experience of leading a nonprofit agency amid the disaster and brokenness of everyday life.

Twin Cities archbishop's deposition reveals flaws, oversights in abuse policies

Through 200-plus pages of testimony, John Nienstedt frequently appears as a leader unaware of information concerning abuse, who at times failed to follow up on child-protecting protocols.


Cardinal laments 'fatigue' of Christian Europe, celebrates African example

"We Europeans represent a form of Christianity that sometimes seems to be tired," Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi said. African Christianity "shines as a beacon, as an example for other continents."


Joint canonization encourages politicized Catholics to bridge divides

Commentary: As two Catholics sometimes pigeonholed as liberal and conservative but who love our church in equal measure, we're grateful for this moment in church history.


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