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Turkson invites world’s bishops to support Global Climate March

A top Vatican official has invited bishops near and far to lend prayerful support to massive global demonstrations ahead of international climate negotiations and to encourage Catholics in their dioceses to...


NCR offices closed for Thanksgiving

NCR Today: NCR's offices will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday Nov. 26-29.



Reich takes on 'free market' myth

Book Review: Capitalism is a system, manmade and mutable. There is no godlike "free hand" ready to save the day if only the government would butt out and ax...


Transform violence, hate into peace by responding with love

Peace Pulpit: We should start with ourselves and our own communities and our relationships with other people by reaching out in love even when love is not shown to us.

Francis praises Uganda’s welcoming of refugees, calls Africa world’s hope

Kampala, Uganda -- Pope Francis kicked off the second part of his three-country Africa tour Friday night, landing here amidst a festive atmosphere of dancing, song and crowds.


Amid cardboard homes, Francis cries against economic system that 'squanders' wealth

Nairobi, Kenya -- Speaking in an African slum, Pope Francis on Friday cried out against a global economic system that he said gives a wealthy minority license to let the...


Vatican’s foolish response to leaks

Faith and Justice: The Vatican appears to be responding from the wrong playbook to the leaking of confidential documents. It is acting like a state rather than a church.


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