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Pope says official exorcists show church's love for the suffering

The number of people who turn to the occult "is constantly increasing, and this worries us" because it appears to coincide with "an extraordinary increase in demonic activity."


Law of graduality: living with the imperfect

Faith and Justice: During the synod, the bishops struggled to find a way that the church could be a loving mother while still being a clear teacher



Remembering and celebrating our own

Today, we remember and celebrate the lives of those who have gone before us, "that great cloud of witnesses who surround us" (Hebrews 12:1) and support us with their prayers. Of course, there is sadness when a...

Archbishop Tomasi: Keep a spotlight on the Middle East

Q&A: Even though the news hasn't spent much time on the Middle East recently, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi says the area continues to face war, murder and chaos.


The biggest unreported synod influence: human experience

Bulletins from the Human Side: The synod fathers realized they could not issue a document that the laity would accept unless its words were true to everyday human experience


The stolen children: Chile parents allege theft of newborns

Nuns stand accused of working with a network of doctors, nurses and administrators to steal babies from mothers right after they were born.


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