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Francis, the comic strip

Each week, Pat Marrin draws a day in the life of Pope Francis. This week: Francis' upcoming visit to Mafia territory.


Scapegoats along the border

Immigration and the Church: Ideologues who know how to exploit human suffering have pointed to dark-skinned immigrants and refugees and said, "They are to blame."



Humanity at the heart of immigration crisis, faith leaders say

As children and families continued crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, a group of diverse religious leaders remained focused on the plight immigrants face after they arrive in the country illegally.


Seize the Franciscan moment, Rohr advises

Book review: In Eager to Love, Franciscan Fr. Richard Rohr builds a bridge between the Christian mystical tradition and estranged seekers of every ilk.

Women Religious

The church and the divided brain

Global Sisters Report: The One Body of the Church is deeply divided. Are these internal conflicts of our divided church the result of a divided human brain?

Morning Briefing

NCR Today: Resources for peace in Gaza; Rick Santorum; immigration issues; fired bishop of Toowoomba, Australia, writes memoir; and much more.


Church membership is drooping, but the US is still profoundly religious

A small c catholic: As I wandered around our nation's capital, I was struck by how many churches make up the structural and social fabric of Washington.


Free from ordeal in Sudan, woman condemned for apostasy meets pope

Meriam Ibrahim, her husband and her two children met with Pope Francis, who thanked her for her steadfast witness to Christ.


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