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Boarding schools: A black hole of Native American history

The Trail of History: Government and church-run boarding schools sought to Westernize and Christianize Native American children


Contemplate, give thanks, protect: Pope Francis prays for creation

Eco Catholic: During an evening celebration of the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, Pope Francis prayed that people contemplate God in the beauty of the universe.


Faith & Parish

Going beyond

Today's three readings bring up one of most vexing issues of biblical faith. Just what religious rules and regulations does God demand we keep, and which ones can we discard? Is it possible that some of our most...

Francis announces wide indulgences for mercy Jubilee, grants Lefebvrites faculties

Francis is widely expanding indulgences for the Jubilee year of mercy, allowing all priests to absolve abortion and the schismatic traditionalist group to hear confessions.


Puerto Rico's religious leaders call for federal debt intervention

Puerto Rico -- Federal action is needed to save the island's poor from harmful austerity measures, religious leaders say. Five Catholic bishops sign statement.


Death row inmate applies Catholic faith towards becoming a better person

Conversations with Sr. Camille: "I can never make amends for the hurt and pain I've caused others. However, I do try to make a difference in this world."


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