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Archbishop Chaput: Pope's 2015 Philadelphia visit won't focus on hot-button sex issues

"These are matters that affect all families ... We want to focus next year not just on the neuralgic sexual issues that seem to dominate the American media."


Large funeral Mass for admitted abuser priest raises concerns in Seattle

In light of concerns, Seattle Archbishop J. Peter Sartain is talking about revisiting archdiocesan protocols for funerals of priests removed from ministry for child sex abuse.



Editorial: The idolatry of US military might

We say: It is fascinating in this era of episcopal fixation on religious liberty to hear little objection to ongoing wars, drone campaigns and increasing militarism of U.S. culture.


Remains of Ugandan Comboni found in Mexican mass grave

The remains of a missionary priest missing for months were recovered from a mass grave in the southern state of Guerrero, adding to the horror of the crimes and killings in a region now notorious for the...

Women Religious

Looking back on moments of danger

Maryknoll Sr. Madeline Dorsey had been ministering to the poor in El Salvador for five years when four U.S. churchwomen were kidnapped, raped and murdered there on Dec. 2, 1980.

Vatican sending bishops' conferences documents for 2015 synod

Within weeks, the Vatican said in a statement Thursday, bishops' conferences around the world will be receiving preparatory documents for the 2015 synod.


Falling number of Latin American Catholics is an opportunity to live Pope Francis' challenge

Analysis: Church leaders lament the loss in numbers in Latin America. However, many missionaries would see this as a wake-up call.


We have no shortage of vocations. What we have is a shortage of vision

Simply Spirit: It is still hard to fathom how church leaders can in good conscience avoid opening ordination, especially in light of so many parish closings.


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