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Francis spontaneously visits Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka


Pope Francis made a spontaneous visit to a Buddhist temple Wednesday afternoon during his two-day visit to this island nation in what appears to be the second such visit by a pope.

Vatican spokesman Jesuit Fr. Federico Lombardi said Francis decided to make the visit after trying to meet with Sri Lanka's Catholic bishops but finding they had not yet returned to the capital from the day's visit to the northern Sri Lankan town of Madhu.

Fr. Tissa Balasuriya: a loving and gentle rebel


Oblate Fr. Tissa Balasuriya, a noted theologian, economist and human rights activist, died Jan. 17 in Sri Lanka. He was 89.

He founded the Centre for Society and Religion in Colombo in 1971 with the aim of fostering interreligious and interracial action for justice and peace. He was also instrumental in founding the Ecumenical Association of Third World Theologians in the mid-1970s.

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