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'You say that I am': Pilate, Christ and truth in Lent


A year ago, I began my Lenten column with Pilate's expansive, existential question to the sentenced Christ: "What is truth?" Back in the church season in which we grapple with the paradoxical salvific agony of Christ's suffering, it seems impossible not to return to the question on which John's Gospel hinges, the question that in my mind marks the most profound departure from the style of everything in the Gospel narrative before it.

An open letter to the princes of the church


Feb. 22, 2013

Dear princes of the church,

I do hope this letter finds you well. As for me, I am still a bit startled about the news of Pope Benedict's resignation. I find my heart racing as I imagine all the change and newness our church is about to undergo.

I am grateful for his ministry and for his example. Although I am not sure what to make of his decision and how this will impact future pontifical reigns, I can appreciate his human struggle between humility and pride as he steps down from the limelight and desires a more private life.

Girl meets God: a modern love story


I adore a good love story. Some of my favorite ones are origin stories: how boy meets girl. Or girl meets girl. Or girl meets God. This is a story of the latter.

I have a friend who became Catholic during our college years together after a childhood absent of any religious upbringing. I recall asking her what led her to choose Catholicism.

Speaking honestly, she said she found herself crying while attending her first mass, joined RCIA to learn more and never looked back.

Waiting in joyful hope this Advent season


It has always been difficult, at least for me, to imagine Advent as a season of penitence. In our tradition, the days leading up to Christmas are second only to the days leading up to Easter as an opportunity to practice abstinence, consider our sins and prepare the way of the Lord. Where do the candy, the tree trimming, the lessons and carols, the teas and the sleigh rides fit into all of that?


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