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Post-9/11 Stress Up


The New York Post had an article this morning describing the results of a Journal of the American Medical Association study showing a jump to 19 percent from 14 percent of people suffering from post traumatic stress now than immediately after the 9/11 attacks. In addition, the study concluded that "it turned out that there were significant correlations between soldiers "with high levels of horrific experiences" and those caught up in the chilling saga of 9/11."

More News from Honduras


It continues to amaze me: the repression in Honduras is every bit as bad, maybe worse, than that in Iran… yet media coverage is virtually non-existent. Might this difference have something to do with the fact that the U.S. government flatly opposes the government in Iran, but is at best ambivalent about the coup in Honduras? Is the mainstream media acting on those signals? I can’t help but wonder…

The cost of health care, if we have it, if we don't


The role of end-of-life care has burst into the debate about health care reform. Among other thoughtful voices, Randall Terry on his radio program, has raised the specter of pressure being brought to bear on elderly people to end their lives to save the inheritance for the children. Of course, Mr. Terry insinuated himself in the most public, least dignified end-of-life situation in modern memory, the Terry Schiavo case which remains the most obvious example of how not to address these issues. But, hey, if you can exploit a bit of fear to kill health care reform, why not?

What's on the minds of many U.S. women religious


This morning I posted an article on the NCR web site having to do with the second phase of the Vatican-sponsored investigation of U.S. women religious. The article reports that for the first time since the news of the investigation broke last January, the Vatican is saying that it will involve a look at “the soundness of doctrine held and taught" by U.S. women religious.

Might Obama one day visit Hiroshima?


President Obama has said that ridding the world of nuclear weapons is the greatest task of the 21st century.

Now a Japanese family with the name of Shinzeki could conceivably be the means by which Obama could visit Hiroshima, the site of the first U.S. atomic bomb blast on Aug. 6, 1945. No U.S. president has ever visited Hiroshima.
Here is how the invitation could play out from local Japanese citizen into the Obama administration.


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