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Francis calls migration an aspiration of hope


As President Obama Friday explained his executive order to stop deportations and his Republican opponents decried his action as an imperial act of a lawless president, Pope Francis also spoke about immigrants and immigration, addressing participants at the Seventh World Congress for the Pastoral Care of Migrants.

Francis said that notwithstanding new developments and the emergence of situations which are at times painful and even tragic, "migration is still an aspiration to hope.”

He ended is address with this meditation:

Immigration debacle at feet of John Boehner


President Obama yesterday, speaking in a high school in Las Vegas, placed the full blame of the US immigration policy impasse at the feet of one person,  Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner, the man who could have allowed our democratic legislative institutions to work as intended with a simple declaration: “Let the vote take place.”

I echo comments by my colleague Michael Sean Winters in a recent blog post:


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