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Immigration debacle at feet of John Boehner


President Obama yesterday, speaking in a high school in Las Vegas, placed the full blame of the US immigration policy impasse at the feet of one person,  Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner, the man who could have allowed our democratic legislative institutions to work as intended with a simple declaration: “Let the vote take place.”

I echo comments by my colleague Michael Sean Winters in a recent blog post:

'Orange is the New Black' actress opens up about her parents' deportation


Note to Catholic Republican House Speaker John Boehner: Separating parents from children through deportation is devastating to all involved.

Actress Diane Guerrero penned an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times describing what it's like to live with deportation hanging over a household and what it's like when deportation finally visited her home and took her parents and brother away from her. 

Guerrero writes:


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