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Every year, Easter is a different experience.

As a child, I loved the Easter Triduum. Those days between Lent and Easter were unlike any others. They were filled with incense and action, a quiet interlude filled with drama and reverence as we moved toward the joy of Easter. There was reverence embedded in the atmosphere. The congregation moved about the church differently, making liturgy at once both arresting and enchanting.

Alternate side parking suspensions are cause for rejoicing in the celebrations of all faiths


I was in New York recently and was reminded of the morning parking ritual -- move the car before the street cleaners come at 9 a.m., except on days when alternate side parking is suspended. Alternate side parking is suspended for all the legal holidays (including Christmas and New Year's, which are Catholic holy days as well) and sometimes for snow. Parking rules are also suspended for a variety of religious holidays and one ethnic one. Here they are:

Cesar Chavez's legacy is still relevant today


I'm writing this blog on March 31, the birthday of Cesar Chavez, the best-known Latino figure in American history. He accomplished what had never before been done: successfully organized farm workers, mostly Latino, Filipino, and African-American.

Here in California, this day is a state holiday for Chavez, though no schools or public offices are closed. In the public schools, teachers are supposed to take some time to discuss with their students the legacy of Chavez, but most do not. So what is that legacy?  

Why aren't Americans doing more to protest inequality?


A recent interview at explores the question of how Americans view economic inequality and why more aren’t protesting it. The interview, a Q&A, is held between Sam Pizzigati, editor of the Institute for Policy Studies inequality monthly Too Much, and Benjamin Page, a Northwestern University political scientist who co-authored a 2014 report arguing that the U.S. is becoming less and less a democracy. 


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