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Security comes through policing, not military force


This Lent I’m writing about our U.S. military, and today I’m considering how we offer security training to foreign governments.

People everywhere have a right to security. Parents should be able to let their girls walk to school alone. Shopkeepers should be free from extortion. The judiciary should make their judgments without fear of intimidation or reprisal. That’s the kind of security most nations need, and it’s a matter of policing, not soldiering.

But when you have a half-trillion dollar army, every problem looks like a war.

Four women who are revolutionizing organized religion


This morning, Buzzfeed’s site for long form writing published four profiles of women from four different faiths who are struggling for feminist reform within their religious traditions.

Filed under the heading "Feminism + Faith," it features profiles of Sara Hurwitz' s ongoing journey to become the first publicly ordained Orthodox Jewish Rabba; Kate Kelly’s fight for the ordination of Mormon women; and Zainah Anwar’s quest for true equality for Muslim women.


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