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'Witnessing Whiteness': Creating a witnessing culture


Shelly Tochluk, author of Witnessing Whiteness, is a scholar and an academic. She has a doctorate and teaches at Mount St. Mary's University in Los Angeles. But she's one of those academics who found her life's work before she conducted her research and wrote her dissertation. Her book is chock full of footnotes and references to other works on race in America. But primarily, she's a teacher and a storyteller. She struggled hard to understand what it means to be white, and she wants to help other whites. She says it's like a fish learning what water is.

Food stamps feeds one in five US children


Food stamps feed one in five children in the United States, and the Republicans, led by Catholic Republican Congressman and former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, his former presidential running mate, Mitt Romney, and Catholic Republican House Speaker John Boehner want to decimate the food stamps program with immoral and inhumane budget cuts. Time will tell if Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rick Santorum and Marco Rubio support such hard-hearted class warfare policies. reports:


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