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Alleviating Poverty: Just An Option?


A lot of people like the phrase "preferential option for the poor" because it sounds, well, so optional. We'd prefer if you put in some time at a food bank or picketed your local Representative to raise the minimum wage, but, heck, we know you've got a plateful of things to do around the house so if you don't get around to it don't fret.Those poor people aren't going anywhere.

Coalition on Human Needs seeks year's funding for nation's urgent needs


I've blogged here before about the Coalition on Human Needs. They analyze census data and legislation to give those of us working on the ground the tools we need to make the case for better housing and health care, reduction of hunger and malnutrition, the geography of poverty, energy assistance, disability issues and more.

Religion is often a presence in violence, but it's not the cause


We hear it everywhere today, implicitly or explicitly: Religion is inherently violent, and it causes wars. It is religion (in this case, Islam) that is leading the Islamic State militant group to champion and use violence -- even promote beheadings -- to achieve its ends. When we hear news about the Middle East, it is largely the story of sectarian struggles between Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims, or Israeli Jews vs. Palestinian Muslims, or a story about Christians being persecuted. Religion comes across as the culprit.


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