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What's in a name?

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Kudos to Call to Action's young adult group for changing their name. While the new name "CTA 20/30" won't win any awards for cleverness, it was chosen by the young adults themselves and suggests they have something to contribute now, unlike their previous moniker, "Next Generation."

"The name not only better identifies that this program is for Catholics in their 20s and 30s, but also reflects Call To Action's clear commitment to intergenerational equity: the desire for all generations of Catholics to work together for a better church," said CTA Executive Director Jim FitzGerald in an email to members.

FitzGerald himself fits into that age category. See more about his opinions on young adult Catholics here.

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Governed by an eight-person leadership team, the young adult group's mission is "to create and foster spiritual home for young adults who struggle with the institutional Catholic Church. We engage and equip these young adults to discern and share their faith, to integrate faith with action against injustice in our Church and the world, and to promote grassroots church reform," according to their website.


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