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Website maintenance could affect posting of comments

 |  NCR Today

We've been having some server trouble in the last few weeks here at NCR, and to (hopefully) fix the problem, will undergo some site maintenance between 3 and 4:30 p.m. CST.

Comments posted, and comments approved, between those times might disappear in the process of the site maintenance, so loyal commenters, please be aware of the time frame and adjust accordingly. We're not censoring you, we promise!

As always, thanks for spending time with us today and for all of your feedback. Hopefully the website will experience much less downtime in the future with this afternoon's fix.

Christmas-in-content-block.jpg Give a Christmas gift that lasts all year. Give the gift of NCR!

Oh, and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Kick it off with a preview of one of our Weekend Edition stories, a look at both LCWR and CMSW and a history of their relationship. Find it here.


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