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Pope Francis: 'the church is a love story'

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The church is not a bureaucratic organization, but a love story, Pope Francis told mass celebrants today in the Chapel of the Casa Santa Marta inside the Vatican.

These were his words:

"We, the women and men of the church, we are in the middle of a love story: each of us is a link in this chain of love. And if we do not understand this, we have understood nothing of what the Church is."  ...
"The temptation is to focus on the growth of the church without taking the path of love: But the Church does not grow by human strength. Some Christians have gone wrong for historical reasons, they have taken the wrong path, they have raised armies, they have waged wars of religion: that is another story, that is not the story of love. Yet we learn, with our mistakes, how the story of love goes. But how does it increase? Jesus said simply: like the mustard seed, it grows like yeast in the flour, without noise."

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