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One Illinois diocese's decision on adoption, civil unions

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Catholic Charities in the Illinois Diocese of Peoria announced today that its staff and clients would transition to a newly formed non-profit organization with no affiliation to the Roman Catholic Church, which will provide adoption and foster care services to couples in civil unions, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The new organization, Center for Youth and Family Solutions, will be run by a community board.

This means the Peoria Diocese will withdraw from the appeal by Catholic Charities in Joliet, Springfield and Belleville over the recent state decision to sever adoption and foster care contracts with Catholic Charities because the agencies refuse to place children with same-sex couples in civil unions.

“Withdrawing from the ongoing litigation and these services is not a decision that was made lightly," Peoria Bishop Daniel Jenky said in a statement.

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While I am saddened to see the church choose discrimination against same-sex couples over a ministry to families and children, I commend the diocese for creating a way for their legacy of that service to live on.


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