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Pope Francis Names 800 New Saints In One Go: two women from Latin America and 813 "Martyrs of Otranto"

Legion priest leaves priesthood to care for son

Catholics for Choice campaign in Kenya: “The aim of the campaign is to ensure that Catholics know that despite what the bishops say, they can, in good conscience, use condoms."

Commentary: Ireland considers abortion law: Cardinal Brady has fudged it by hinting excommunication threat

Fall out: Ireland considers abortion law: Cardinal O’Malley to skip Boston College commencement, says honorary degree for Ireland’s Prime Minister Enda Kenny is inappropriate for the Jesuit institution given the lawmaker’s vocal support for abortion rights.

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Philippine elections Monday: Three Catholic bishops not on official election rolls (which comes as surprise to the three bishops).

Female student arrested for dressing up as 'Pope' naked from waist down and handing out condoms University prez says: school endorses artistic expression but public nudity is illegal.

Grand Rapids, Mich. -- Local newspaper praises departing bishop for urban economic revitalization vision

SF Archbishop: Gay marriage violates “design of nature”

Good summary if you haven't been following the Archbishop Myers Fr. Fugee case: Newark Archbishop Is Criticized for His Handling of an Abuse Case

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