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Commentary The Case for Gun Control Fareed Zakaria says limiting easy access to guns is intelligent and American.

Election 2012 -- Women, white people: Is that what campaign 2012 is coming down to?

Election 2012 -- New Romney ad features Lech Walesa, a pope, “war on religion” claim

From the island of saints and scholars to this: Ireland now ranks as one of the world’s least religious countries. Only 47% consider themselves religious

Commentary -- Progressive Catholicism no match for authentic teachings by Ben Anderson

Romero-small-versionWEB.jpgInterested in Oscar Romero? Check out this great article from our sister publication, Celebration.

Catholic groups oppose Erie diocese over health-care suit

Press Release: Bahrain will take over from Kuwait as the headquarters of the Vicariate of Northern Arabia for the Roman Catholic Church.

62 Year Mountain Ministry Ends for Catholic Missionary

Orange, Calif. -- Visiting bishops awed by Crystal Cathedral Comments include: "Beautiful, uplifting, inspiring. The great Catholic tradition can be experienced here, made to come alive here. That opens a lot of possibilities." "It's a holy place ... but it does have good acoustics."

NCR's sister publication, Celebration, posts reflections on each day's Scripture reading. Here's a link: You may want to bookmark it. It's a great way to begin the day.

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