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Here's A Softball

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This looks like an easy one. We're in Catholic U. stadium. Evangelii Gaudium at the plate with runners aboard. Fusion Koch Brothers on the Mound.

Here comes a fat pitch, juicy rich. A gift, you'd say, to old CU. Meant to raise crops of new entrepreneurs who could emulate their benefactors' right wing passions.

But first the Fusion must get past Evangelii Gaudium, a new star on the horizon who purportedly doesn't cotton to the Fusion's tactics which are rumored to include curve balls doctored with spit. A loud rooting section cheers EG on, booing the Koch team.

Do we need even to speculate on how this will turn out?

The whole crowd, egged on by all the bishops, gets the point immediately. With their urging, EG will jump all over the delivery, of course. With one mighty swing he'll return the favor, blasting it out of the park. He'll look that gift horse in the mouth and say "no thanks so long as I decide economic morals." There'll be none of that predatory capitalist business around here. It's gone. Score one for EG.

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(with thanks to Joshua McElwee's fine reporting)


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