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Harper's reports on campaign against Israeli-made SodaStream

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The latest issue of Harper's Magazine provides a detailed and fascinating report about the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against SodaStream, a kitchen appliance made by an Israeli company.

The company has been the target of various boycotts, including one launched earlier this year by an interfaith group in the United States.

Those interested in the nonviolent leverage of economic boycotts will find the Harper's summary a fascinating and, in some respects, encouraging read. SodaStream's market is expanding, but the magazine reports that "partly in response to pressure from BDS, the company has intensified efforts to promote itself as a socially conscious employer and a force for reconciliation in the West Bank." Additionally, the company's new factory will be located near Tel Aviv, not within the occupied Palestinian territories.

Read the article, which is only available in PDF format.

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