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Before comments are reinstated, verify your email address

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As Editor Dennis Coday wrote Friday, we are in the process of restoring the comments system to our website. But this restoration will involve commenters losing some of their anonymity: When we reinstate the comments, all commenters will be required to log in with their real email address.

If you already have a Disqus account, it's as easy as going to to show Disqus that the email address you gave them is truly your own. You will then be able to comment as usual. Your email address will not be displayed on the website to other commenters.

Once the comments system is rebooted, we will not be allowing comments from unverified email addresses to show up on our website. We recommend verifying your email address immediately so when the comments are back, you are able to comment with no problems.

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We look forward to once again opening articles for discussion. Please verify your email address as soon as possible so you are able to take part.


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