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Cardinal Pell speaks on advising Pope Francis on church reform

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After meeting with Pope Francis yesterday, one of the eight cardinals who will be advising him on questions of church governance and reform of the Roman Curia, spoke on Vatican radio:

 Australian Cardinal Francis Pell, considered by many the most conservative of the eight advisors, said, “I can tell you what we are not. We are not a cabinet, the Pope does not answer to us. We are not a policy making group we are not an executive group. We are there as advisors to the Holy Father. Now, how that will work I am not quite sure. It might be that he will say ‘at these meetings we will be talking about these themes, in the interim you can get yourselves organized’. Or he just my say, ‘we’ll have half a day out of the three days where you can suggest what we can talk about’."

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