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Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet talks papabile and change

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Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet gave an exclusive English television interview to Peter Mansbridge of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation  just one day before the pre-conclave meetings. Mansbridge is the chief correspondent and anchor of the CBC National News. His resume of Catholic news coverage includes the 1984 visit of Pope John Paul II to Canada, the 2002 World Youth Day in Toronto, the death of John Paul II and the subsequent election of Benedict XVI.

Mansbridge's characteristic respectfulness is shown in the Ouellet interview, though he doesn't shy away from asking challenging questions. In part one of the interview, he discusses the reality of being a papabile, a topic Ouellet seems obviously ill-at-ease discussing. During a discussion on the abuse crises in the church, the cardinal reminds us that the church in Canada was forced to face the reality of sexual abuse of children in the early 1990s. While much has been done, he said he believes much more is still needed, especially in reaching out to the victims. A warm moment occurs when Mansbridge shows Ouellet a recently televised interview with the cardinal's mother.

In part two of the interview, Mansbridge brings up John XXIII's image of opening the windows of the church to bring in the fresh air of change. The cardinal's response does not offer hope for those who wish to see radical change in the near future.

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Mansbridge also provides an interesting behind-the-scenes reflection on the interview.


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