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Brooklyn Catholic schools to reopen as academies

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It seems that a more enlightened school structure has been identified in the Brooklyn diocese."The conversion of a parochial school into an academy separates pastoral, educational and management roles. The parish priest would still oversee the spiritual needs and religious portion of curriculum, while the principal tends to 'teacher development' and a Board of Directors administers the school."

"In five years, every Catholic school in the diocese will be an academy," said Father Kieran E. Harrington, spokesperson. "One of the deficiencies of the current system is that we need to bring more [people] with various expertise into the schools."

This structural change seems to make sense and reflects the proper roles and gifts of priests, educators and interested and capable lay people.

I mentioned in a previous blog that the Holy Trinity as a governing paradigm seems to make the most sense, as it does in this case. Couldn't this same model work in parishes?

Congratulations to all who divined this plan.


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