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Pope's quotes: A Christian perspective

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A quote from Pope Francis:

“The Christian perspective is able to appreciate what is authentically human and all that springs from the freedom of the person, from his openness to what is new, and ultimately from his spirit which unites the human dimension to the transcendent dimension. This is one of the contributions which papal diplomacy offers to all humanity in working to revive the moral dimension in international relations. This is what allows the human family to live and grow together, without becoming enemies. If man reveals his humanity through communication, relationship, and love for his fellow man, the various nations can come together around common objectives and shared practices and thereby generate a sound common approach. Moreover, they can found unitary institutions in the heart of the international community, which are able to provide services without denying the identity, dignity and responsible freedom of each country. The service of these institutions will consist in bending down to the needs of various peoples, in discovering the abilities and the needs of others. It is the rejection of indifference or of an international cooperation born of utilitarian egoism, in order to do something for others through common institutions.”

-- Preface to the book of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone on papal diplomacy, “A Challenge for the Future,” published Nov. 15, 2013 in L’Osservatore Romano

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