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Sheldon Adelson & The Corruption of Politics


The first primary of the 2016 GOP nominating process was held last weekend, the “Sheldon Adelson primary.” Officially a meeting of the republican Jewish Conference, the real purpose of the weekend’s meetings was for Republican presidential wannabes to fly to Las Vegas and kiss the plutocrat’s ring, hoping that he will shower them with cash in their bid for the White House. Everything about the weekend was icky and worse than icky.

Douthat on "Christian penumbra"


In the New York Times, Ross Douthat has a fine column discussing the character and behavior of what he calls the "Christian penumbra," those Christians who only report attending services twice a year or so. He raises some very important points, points that seem to require some work on the part of pastoral planners as well as sociologists. Certainly, a good question for the USCCB to ask is this: How do we bring these outliers of Christian practice back into the center?

March Madness: Go Huskies!


No one expected the UConn men's basketball team to make it to the Final Four. This year, it was our women's team who looked to have a clean shot at a still likely final against Notre Dame, both teams being undefeated this year and loaded with talent. But, our men's team is also headed to the Final Four, based almost entirely on our strong defense and good foul shooting, which explains in large part why college ball is so different from the NBA where there is no defense and even the stars have trouble making a free throw. 

Worthen on Pope Francis and His Predecessors


At the American Prospect, Molly Worthen, whose wonderful book "Apostles of Reason," I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, has an article about Pope Francis and his predecessors. I think she understates the degree to which Pope Benedict XVI moved as forcefully as he thought he was able to confront the sex abuse crisis. But, by and large, Worthen is as thoughtful when considering our Church as she is when considering evangelicals and the article is worth a read.

More from Sheriff Curran


In this short video, Sheriff Mark Curran, whose essay at Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good I link to earlier today, urges Congress to do its job and pass an immigration reform bill. Sheriff Curran's prominence in this campaign reflects the hard work of Cardinal Francis George who has been reaching out to business and law enforcement leaders in Illinois to garner support for immigration reform. Kudos to both the sheriff and the cardinal. 


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