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Sr. Carol's Talk at IPR Dinner


Last month, the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies at the Catholic University of America, where I am a visiting fellow, hosted its annual dinner at which a prominent Catholic is invited to give the Dean Hoge Memorial Lecture and another prominent Catholic is awarded the Bishop Kaine Medallion for lifelong service to the academy, the nation and the Church. This year, the Medallion was given to Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and the lecture was given by Sr. Carol Keehan.

Facts, Propaganda and Libertarianism


“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not to their own facts.” This celebrated line of the late, great Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan has become a political football, hurled first by Senate Majority Leader at the Koch Brothers in a speech on the Senate floor and then hurled back at Reid by the Charles Koch in an op-ed in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. Alas, poor epistemology. No one studies it anymore.

Silk on +Lustiger and Jewish Identity


Mark Silk at RNS has some interesting observations on the showing of a film about Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger, the Jewish convert who became Archbishop of Paris, at a recent Jewish film festival. Cardinal Lustiger was not a man after my own heart, except on the way he refused to renounce his Jewish identity. Even in death: Before his body was carried into the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris for the funeral, Jewish prayers were recited over his coffin. (At 14:00 in the video below.)

Bishop Morlino & the Mandatum


Pope Francis has called our Church to go to the peripheries of life and be ambassadors of God’s mercy there. On Tuesday, a group of bishops went to the periphery of the U.S., literally, celebrating a Mass a few feet from the fence that divides the U.S. from Mexico. They prayed for those who have lost their lives trying to cross the border. They pleaded for Congress to pass humane immigration reform. It is too soon to know if their actions will have a political effect, but every Latino Catholic understood that whatever the U.S.


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