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War, Then & Now


Yesterday marked the 100th anniversary of Austria-Hungary’s Declaration of War against Serbia, and lighting the fuse of what would become known as the “war to end all wars.” Such was the carnage, people who lived through the four bloody years of World War I could not imagine that statesmen in the future would fail to grasp the necessity of avoiding war at all costs. Alas, the hope that the evils of war had not been in vain, but had paved the way to a more pacific future, that hope proved illusory.

Archbishop Chaput at Napa Institute


I have not been shy about criticizing Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia in the past, so when he delivers a talk that is good, not great, but good, I have a special responsibility to call attention to it. Archbishop Chaput’s talk to the Napa Institute over the weekend, published at the National Catholic Register, affords me the opportunity to fulfill this obligation.

Archbishop Chaput stated:

Phil Lawler's Amish Culture


Phil Lawler, who drives the conservative website, should think about re-naming his site, because his latest post essentially thinks the Catholic Church should withdraw from the business of providing social services with government funds, lest we inappropriately taint our moral purity. Most disturbing is his concluding paragraph. He writes: 


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