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The Mideast Crises & Morality


The crises in the Mideast just seem to get worse and worse. President Obama has decided to use air strikes against Islamic terrorists in Iraq who have taken over large swaths of that country and continue to threaten minority populations with genocide. The truce in Gaza was broken by Hamas, which launched new rocket attacks into Israel, prompting further retaliation from Israel. Syria remains in a state of civil war.

O'Malley Takes on White House


Governor Martin O'Malley is pushing back hard against the White House insinuations regarding his statements and actions about the unaccompanied minors coming to the border. Good for him. Someone in the Democratic Party has to acknowledge that the damn of political solidarity has broken, the White House is adrift and/or inept, and the future of the party should not be tied to the Obama administration's increasingly insular focus and the failures the flow therefrom. HuffPost has the story.

"The cat's got their prophetic tongue"


Mark Silk rightly asks - where is the outrage from religious leaders at the GOP for their hostility to the unaccompanied children coming to the border? Obama signs an LGBT non-discrimination rule and you would think the heavens were falling. But, the GOP personifies the throwaway culture, treats these children as a nuisance, and wants to send them back into the burning buildings which their home countries have become, and there is no outrage coming from the USCCB.

Contra Fr. Sirico on Hobby Lobby


There is so much wrong with Fr. Robert Sirico’s commentary on the Hobby Lobby decision and the implications of President Obama’s LGBT non-discrimination rule, it is difficult to know where to start.

Fr. Sirico’s most obnoxious argument, which he relates to the non-discrimination rule for federal contractors, and the USCCB response to that rule (he deplores the rule and applauds the response) is this:

Remembering Paul VI


On this day, the Feast of the Transfiguration, in 1978, Pope Paul VI went to his eternal reward. I remain convinced that Montini's was the great pontificate of the last half of the twentieth century, laying all the theological groundwork that would come to fruition in later pontificates, keeping the Church together in the post-conciliar years, and navigating the challenges the Second Vatican Council set for the Church. On the day he died, I was bereft. He was the only pope I had ever known.

Garnett on "Freedom of the Church"


Notre Dame's Rick Garnett has a typically intelligent essay up at "Liberty of Law" website on the freedom of the Church, not as a legal doctrine so much as a "mood." He thinks that if the idea of the liberty of the Church "can be retrieved and translated, then it should be—not out of nostalgia or reaction, but so that the law will better identify and protect the things that matter." I think so too.

Philippines Bishops' & "Trickle Down"


The Philippines' Bishops' Conference issued a statement announcing the forthcoming visit of Pope Francis to their country. In the fourth paragraph of the statement, they quote Pope Francis' remarks about "trickle down" economics in Evangelii Gaudium. I am wondering if the USCCB will quote the same passage when they issue a statement if the Holy Father is coming to the U.S.? 


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