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Links for 01/27/15


Some people invest their money to make more money. Others, to buy the kind of government they want. Politico has the story on the Koch Brothers' plan to spend $889 million on tyhe 2016 elections. I eagerly await the articles from my friends concerned about crony capitalism, condemning this brazen effort to abuse the right to free speech. The Koch Brothers are to campaign spending what Charlie Hebdo is to satire. 

Links for 01/23/15


The Holy Father's sermon this morning reminded us that God never tires of forgiving us our sins. He does more than remind us, he emphasizes how easy it is to lull ourselves into thinking that God must be tired of forgiving us, an easy and lame excuse for avoiding confession. And, the Holy Father encourages us all to go to confession, not in a mechanical way, but so that we can encounter "God, the Father of mercies." Lent is almost upon.

March (and More) for Life


Today, pro-life activists from around the country come to Washington to march for life on the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision. The march comes at a strange time for the politics of abortion: The debate is as potent as ever, yet it seems stuck. The opposing sides yell at each other but do not listen to each other and, similarly, on both sides, it is the most extreme voices that carry the day and, consequently, prevent anything like progress.


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