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What is the synod on the family going to achieve? How are they approaching these issues that have, in advance of the synod, led to such seemingly stark differences of opinion among leaders of the Church?

A window into this was provided by a video interview with Cardinal Donald Wuerl at Catholic News Service. Here is the video. Commentary continues after it.


"He is our son"


At the first day of the Synod, an Australian couple told a story about friends of theirs who welcomed their gay son and his partner at Christmastime. They rightly noted that the couple in question summed up their attitude in a few words "He is our son." It is not only the appropriate Christian response, it is the only humane response.

Obama Can't Catch a Break


I am not the only person who has soured on President Barack Obama, but still, it does not seem fair that when the unemployment rate hits a six-year low, he gets almost no credit for that fact. The guy can't catch a break. And, the GOP charge that this recovery is still relatively anemic compared to previous recoveries misses the point: The downturn in 2008 was worse than previous recessions, economically and psychologically, so of course the recovery has been different. 

+Wuerl on Synod


At his blog at the website of the Archdiocese of Washington, Cardinal Donald Wuerl offers some thoughts on the Synod on the Family which begins on Sunday. +Wuerl is a synod father. I will call readers' attention to the key thing +Wuerl does not do - he does not "take sides" the way so many others have, but encourages his fellow synod fathers to be attentive to the Holy Spirit, and encourages the rest of us to pray that the Holy Spirit will inflame the hearts of the synod fathers.


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