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Remembering Roncalli


Next Sunday, Pope Francis will canonize two of his predecessors, Bl. Pope John XXIII and Bl. Pope John Paul II. Like my colleague Fr. Tom Reese, S.J., I am not much of a fan of papal canonizations, although I am at least ambivalent. In the “contra” column, the qualities that make for saintliness are not always the ones needed in a pope. In the “affirmative” column, I do not doubt that both men were saintly in many ways and I like the idea of the Church proclaiming that men whose faults were well known are nonetheless capable of sainthood. There is hope for us all.

Berkowitz on SSM and Dissent


Peter Berkowitz has an admirable essay at RealClearPolitics on the need to allow people who oppose same-sex marriage to avoid demonization. Per usual, Berkowitz, like the supporters of same-sex marriage who have issued a public call not to squelch debate on the issue, understands that our democracy never benefits from the suppression of debate and dissent. One can be wrong without being a bigot, and the Constitution must protect a person's right to be wrong.

Nat'l Cath Register Attacks Sr. Carol Keehan


Are we not all more than tired with the fear-mongering about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that continues to be spouted on behalf of Catholic officialdom? Yet, here comes the National Catholic Register, now owned by EWTN, publishing an article that is half fear-mongering about the potential for taxpayer funded abortions and half hatchet job on Sr. Carol Keehan. The Register should be ashamed of itself. (Silver lining?

Abortion & Free but Flawed Speech


Politico has the story about tomorrow's oral arguments before the Supreme Court on a fascinating case involving an Ohio law that forbids campaign ads from stating things the ads' sponsors know to be false. At issue is an ad campaign directed against then-Congressman Steve Driehaus by the Susan B. Anthony List that claimed Dreihaus supported taxpayer funded abortions because he voted for the Affordable Care Act.


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