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The Instrumentum laboris: First impressions


The Holy See released the Instrumentum laboris for the upcoming Synod on the Family today. The document is long and will require more in depth analysis to be sure. But, a quick reading of the text this morning suggests that the document is uneven. Parts are provocative, parts are stale, and much of it could have benefited from greater input from the people being discussed.

For example, in paragraph #31 we read this:

The Tea Party Loses in Mississippi


The Mississippi Republican primary last night threw another monkey wrench into the narrative about the Tea Party. Two weeks ago, when House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his primary contest to a Tea Party opponent, the storyline was that the Tea Party is back. Now, with incumbent Senator Thad Cochran winning narrowly against Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel, the establishment is back.

Contra USCCB on LGBT Non-Discrimination


Last week, I twice considered the issue of the Church’s stance on issues relating to same-sex marriage, first about the forthcoming non-discrimination rule coming from the White House and, second, about Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s appearance at a rally organized by the thoroughly partisan, thoroughly pernicious National Organization for Marriage.


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