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Mark Silk at RNS on the President speech about terrorism, and about the need for groups like CAIR - and others - to wrestle with the complicity of regimes like that in Saudi Arabia, that may be our strategic allies but who have sowed the ideology that drives ISIS, and keeps pace with the terror group when it comes to denial of religious freedom and beheadings of those it deems enemies.

Vatican II After Fifty Years


Today marks the 50th anniversary of the close of the Second Vatican Council. Compared to the four sessions of the council, nothing else was more significant in the entire twentieth century life of the Church. It would take a year of blog posts to share my thoughts upon the council, but today I would like to look at the reception of the council over the past fifty years and touch on what I perceive as some of the major challenges in the on-going reception of that seismic, historic and grace-filled event.

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Normally, I am a fan of Peggy Noonan. But, her post at WSJ about "prayer-shaming" is bizarre. The point of the "prayer-shaming" is not to deny the efficacy of prayer, but to point out the hypocrisy of those in a position of responsibility, with power to do something about assault rifles, conveniently hiding behind prayer to mask their inaction. I agree that the other side is not much better and they could have waited before exploiting the tragedy for political gain.


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