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Body Count at TNR


As of this morning, twelve contributing editors, including such intellectual powerhouses as Sean Wilentz and Enrique Krauze, and such noted journalists as Ryan Lizza and Paul Berman, have resigned from The New Republic. And, thirteen senior editors, including Jonathan Cohn, John Judis, and Isaac Chotiner, have also resigned. I am not sure I see how this hemorrhaging of talent will lead to more clicks on their website. 

RIP: The New Republic


The New Republic is dead, or at least it is now brain dead. Yesterday, editor Frank Foer and literary editor Leon Wieseltier resigned as the changes undertaken by owner and Facebook zillionaire Chris Hughes became so oppressively obnoxious, Foer and Wieseltier could no longer stay. Even as I write those words this morning, it is difficult to believe. Needless to say, this is also personal for me. Frank is a friend and Leon is a very good friend.

Fixing the Vatican: It ain't easy, but it's happenning


Two news items this week pointed to the arduousness of Pope Francis' efforts to reform the central administrative organs of the Holy See. Pope Francis and other Vatican officials met with officials from the Dominican Republic to discuss the ongoing investigation of Joseph Wesolowski, the former archbishop and nuncio to the Dominican Republic who was defrocked earlier this year on charges of sex abuse of minors.

Judging & Firing Bishops


My colleague, Fr. Thomas Reese, SJ, has a fine article about the need to establish due process - indeed any process - into the method by which the Holy See decides evaluates bishops and decides if and when their resignation should be demanded. I have nothing to add to Fr. Reese's fine column but the article did put me in mind of one of my favorite songs from "The Mikado."


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