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Links for 1/20/15


Want an example of a "self-referential Church"? Fr. Zuhlsdorf and his readers are offended by the way Holy Communion was distributed at the Pope's Mass in Manila. It is to weep.

Want an example of a Church that is not self-referential? Check out this story on religious women who serve the Chaldean community in Chicago at NCR's Global Sisters report. A study in perseverance and deep, abiding faith. 

Remembering Rev. King


Yesterday, the nation stopped to remember the life and legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Alas, in the manner of contemporary holiday-making, there was less remembering than I would have liked, but the same could be said for Memorial Day and Labor Day too. At least in January, we did not have to have a barbeque to mark the day.

Perpetrators & Victims, Humans All


The terrorist attacks in Paris understandably generated much media attention, and from so many different angles. We learned about the Muslim community in France, about the quasi-feud between Isis and Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, about the foundational commitment of France to secularism and the limits they place on free speech, and about the state of counter-intelligence, to name just a few. One phrase, however, is found in many of these different reports, on the radio, the television and in print, that I find deeply disturbing.

Trade, Violence & Migration: Honduras


Monday, I attended a briefing at the U.S. Capitol by Larry Cohen, President of the Communications Workers of America, and AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre, both of whom were part of a fact-finding mission to Honduras this past November. It turns out that the Catholic Church and the AFL-CIO are just about the only two organized groups in the U.S. who even discuss the root causes of immigration, and what can be done in both countries to improve the lives of our citizens.

The Dems Find Their Voice


Last year, the Democrats could not agree on a unifying message and they paid the price at the polls. Pulled in different directions by special interest groups, they ended up focusing on issues of particular interest to slices of the electorate but never found their voice on the kind of kitchen table issues that were once the Democratic Party’s strong suit.


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