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Yahoo Watch:

Over at, which is now home to the blog "the American Papist," they list their top ten reasons for hope coming out of 2010.

Poor Pope Benedict: His fine, foundational speech at Westminster Hall and the "Pope Visit to England" only merited #7 on their slot. (Oddly, the accompanying video only has shots of the Pope in Scotland, not England, but not matter.)

#9 is a true winner, "Tea Party and Subsidiarity" although from my reading of the Tea Party, they miss the fact that subsidiarity is a two way street, requiring action at the lowest level of government possible, but demanding it at higher levels when lower levels fail to act. At least the accompanying video is on the mark, showing shouting, angry white people.

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But, the number one reason for hope? The 2010 elections. That's right, the Speakership of John Boehner is greater cause for hope among Catholics than anything else. Yeesh.


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