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+Wuerl & +Chaput on the Interview

Cardinal Donald Wuerl has published a commentary on the Holy Father's interview at America. I do not know the cardinal well, but living in his archdiocese I have come to appreciate his pastoral leadership greatly. An obviously cautious man, it is wonderful to see him almost giddy at Pope Francis' powerful witness. Clearly, +Wuerl "gets" it.


Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia has also penned a column on the interview. He recounts the number of emails he has gotten, some in praise of the Holy Father, others not. He proceeds to quote only those who are disappointed, even feeling "betrayed," by the new pope's words. I would invite His Grace of Philadelphia to reflect on the quality of episcopal leadership in the United States over the past few years, such that a Catholic, any Catholic, would feel "betrayed" when the Holy Father speaks words that are so obviously filled with the faith and hope and love of the Gospels.

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