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A Real Threat to Traditional Marriage

Yesterday's "Outlook" section of the Washington Post featured an essay by Donna Freitas detailing the "hook up culture" on college campuses, including our Catholic college campuses. Last week, Archbishop Cordileone, chair of the USCCB subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage, led a prayer vigil outside the Supreme Court during oral arguments on same sex marriage. I would submit that his time - and the large sums of cash being spent by catholic organizations fighting same sex marriage proposals - might be better spent trying to inculcate a non-hook up culture on Catholic campuses because, ultimately, the defense of marriage as the Church understands it will rise or fall on our ability to enkindle the beauty of the Church's teachings in the lives of the next generation far more than preventing a few thousand gay people from obtaining a civil marriage.  

Freitas' article is depressing at several levels. I need hardly add that here, again, we find the empty promises of the movement for sexual liberation. They promised freedom and have produced a campus culture that is accurately described as masturbatory, albeit with someone else present, but essentially there is no difference. So sad and so obviously exploitative of women.   

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