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Mother & Child: "A Unity"

I have previously linked to the sermon delivered by Bishop Blase Cupich at his diocese's Respect Life Mass. Someone named Molly Roach posted a comment that caught the eye of a friend who sent it to me, and it caught my heart's attention:

Molly Roach | 1/23/2013 - 12:21pm

One very important way to remember the baby is to remember the mother---these two are a unity. When the mother is supported both before and after birth, this is the context in which reverence for human life is facilitated. When the mother is isolated or abandoned, when she is not listened to and respected, this is the context of huge vulnerability in which pregnancy may come to be regarded as a problem to be solved.

Here is another instance of how the pro-life cause can be more credible: Listen to the voices of women!


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