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This weekend, the Boston Globe had an article by Renee Loth on the GOP's demographic problem. In short, the party has become more and more beholden to a shrinking demographic, white men, and more and more objectionable to the fastest growing demographic, Latinos. This is a recipe not only for a potential Obama victory, but for the long-term marginalization of the GOP. They need to fix this and the only way to fix it is to embrace comprehensive immigration reform and to do so soon. The longer they are tagged as the party that is hostile to Latinos, the deeper the impression among Latinos that any subsequent embrace of immigration reform is pure politics. The leadership of the GOP should remember Prop 187 in California, which cost them dearly and is still costing them dearly.

To give you an idea of what the Republicans are up against: Not only is Obama leading among Latinos by a wide margin, but there are today 4 million more Latinos eligible to vote than there were in 2008. 4 million.


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