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Hierarchic Dissonance

From yesterday's Angelus, at which the Holy Father spoke about the parables of mercy in yesterday's Gospel:


What is the danger, then? That we presume ourselves of being just, and judging others. We even judge God, because we think that we should castigate sinners and condemn them to death instead of forgiving. Then we risk remaining outside the Father's house! Like that older brother of the parable, who instead of being happy that his brother returned, was angered with his father who welcomed and celebrated him. If in our heart there isn't mercy, the joy of forgiving, we are not in communion with God, even if we observe all the precepts, because it's love that saves us, not the bare practice of precepts.  (h/t to Rocco)

Then, this from a newstory about Archbishop Nienstedt of St. Paul, Minnesota.

While the debate [over same sex marrigae] raged, Nienstedt was criticized after it was revealed he once sent a letter to the mother of a gay child and told her she must accept that Catholicism doesn’t support homosexuality — or face eternal damnation.

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 I wonder if these guys can even hear themselves anymore. It is embarrassing.



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