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Cardinal Burke Explains

LifeSiteNews reports on a recent talk by Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke in Rome at an international pro-life conference. LifeSiteNews is a big fan of Cardinal Burke so they are not likely to take anything he said and highlight it with the intention of mocking him. But, how else to explain this quote from the piece:

"The attack on the innocent and defenseless life of the unborn has its origin in an erroneous view of human sexuality, which attempts to eliminate, by mechanical or chemical means, the essentially procreative nature of the conjugal act,” he explained. “This error maintains that the artificially altered act retains its integrity."

Who talks like this? If anyone doubts the need for a more pastoral approach to neuralgic issues like human life, here is exhibit A. If the Church wants to build a culture of life and a civilization of love, this man should not be hired as the speechwriter. 

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