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Romney and rape


I have a problem. Just now as the presidential election campaign is coming to a climax, a bevy of Catholic bishops is stating and re-stating its virtual support for Mitt Romney and urging the faithful to reject Barack Obama. The reason: Obama is trampling on Catholicism by requiring health insurers to provide contraceptive coverage. This, they insist, is an abomination comparable to Pontius Pilate’s agreement to crucify Jesus.

So here’s my problem. Why aren’t these bishops pouring at least equal criticism on Mitt Romney, who claims to be pro-life but isn’t. Yes, after much shifting and shuffling, Romney says he is opposed to abortion except – and here’s the point – except in certain, rare cases, including rape. That was his position when he last addressed the subject explicitly, and he’s given no indication of changing his mind at the last minute.

We need more 'stormy' relationships like Obama and Christie


What a difference a storm makes.

At a recent election event in Richmond, Va., New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, one of Mitt Romney's most important campaign surrogates, questioned President Barack Obama's leadership, saying the president was like someone "blindly walking around the White House, looking for a clue." He was the keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention, lambasting Obama throughout.



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