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Evangelii Gaudium

Francis' focus on joy in apostolic exhortation something to emulate


Pope Francis is no naïve Pollyanna when he speaks of the importance of joy in spreading the Gospel in his first apostolic exhortation.

In Evangelii Gaudium, he warns us against being "disillusioned pessimists, 'sourpusses.' " But he also acknowledges the real and constant challenges of pastoral work: "Along this journey of evangelization we will have our moments of aridity, darkness and even fatigue."

The latest from Pope Francis on women


I really like Pope Francis in so many ways. He seems personable, friendly, truly human, a man who experiences life with joy. I love his simpler lifestyle, his emphasis on the poor of the world and his preaching of social justice and peace as cornerstones of the Gospel message.

But when it comes to women, I want to cry. He just doesn't seem to get it. He tries to be nice, to be complimentary and understanding. But in almost every phrase, he seems to think of women as a different species of human.


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