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Sisters launch 'Play for Life' in advance of major sports events in Brazil

  • A press conference May 20 at the Vatican launches the "Play for Life" campaign included Sr. Estrella Castalone, coordinator of Talitha Kum and Prefect Cardinal Dom Joao Braz di Aviz. (Courtesy of Talitha Kum)

The month-long FIFA World Cup soccer championship is right around the corner. However, festive anticipation has been brought up short by protests. The poor are rebelling against the fact that so much is being spent on games while they do not have health care or other important service.

Sisters have joined protests, also concerned about poverty that encourages trafficking of workers and sexual exploitation during these world sports events. According to one report, “ ... border controls will be virtually impossible to contain the flow of people from the neighboring countries in search of job opportunities. School closures will give opportunities to students from the rural areas flock to the cities, easy targets for syndicates without conscience.”

Read the full story at Global Sisters Report.

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