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Contract for Cincinnati archdiocese teachers builds walls, not bridges


In a homily on May 8, 2013, Pope Francis exhorted us to build bridges, not walls. He described the exclusionary attitudes when he was growing up. They were not to enter the homes of atheists, socialists or those married outside the church. Such an attitude was a defense of the faith, Francis said, but it was also one of walls. The Lord calls us to make bridges.

Pope says church tensions must be resolved with discussion, prayer


In the church, as in any other situation, "problems cannot be resolved by pretending they don't exist," Pope Francis said.

"Confronting one another, discussing and praying -- that is how conflicts in the church are resolved," the pope said Sunday before praying the "Regina Coeli" with visitors gathered in St. Peter's Square.

Pope Francis will take rabbi and Muslim leader with him to Holy Land

Pope Francis will be accompanied on his first visit to the Middle East by Argentine Rabbi Abraham Skorka and Muslim leader Omar Abboud -- two friends from Buenos Aires.

It is the first time a pope has made an official visit accompanied by members of other faiths, and it underscores the interfaith focus of Francis' trip to the Holy Land, the Vatican said Thursday.



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