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Sacred food, economic meaning, a Tom Fox interview -- Part 1

Br. David Andrews

Episode 1: Manufactured meat? Industrial farm production hurts people (24 min.)
The dramatic economic consolidation of the food industry affects the food we all eat -- locally and globally. Andrew tells Tom Fox: "Increasingly we have moved in the United States [away] from an independent, land-based farmer shaping his or her livelihood by their participation in an open, democratic marketplace. ... Because of the power of the agri-business corporations, what happens is that the independent family farmer becomes a contract employee of the big company and increasingly loses his or her independence." As the independence of the farmer shrinks, the economic power of the agribusiness institutions grows, he says.

More about the Speaker
Br. Andrews has his law degree from Loyola University New Orleans. He serves as a consultant with the Domestic Policy Committee of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops and is a member of the Governor of Iowa's Food Policy Council. He has served as an educational administrator. Dave was an accredited participant in the last three World Trade Organization meetings in Seattle, Cancun and Hong Kong. He attended the last two World Food Summits in Rome and the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a member of many Boards including Heifer Project International, Agricultural Missions and has served on a number of national commissions for the Pew Charitable Trust and the Farm Foundation.

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