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The Catholic Worker: 'You go to where there is need' -- Part 1

Brother Louis Rodemann

Episode 1: Works of Mercy and Works of Justice (25 min.)
Rodemann tells Fox about the twin pillars of the Catholic Worker Movement: "The Works of Mercy are responses to the inhumanity dealt to our guests by different dimensions of poverty," he says. "The Works of Justice is a way of living, nonviolently in resistance to the infrastructures that allows, cause and even enhances the mechanisms of poverty."

Rodemann also talks about the Midwest Catholic Worker Faith and Resistance Retreat.

This is an encore presentation. The podcast first aired in May 2008.

All the episodes in this series

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The Catholic Worker: 'You go to where there is need' -- 1 of 2
The Catholic Worker: 'You go to where there is need' -- 2 of 2

A profile of Rodemann from NCR June 11, 2010: Br. Louis has sought 'to live the message I was trying to teach'

The Catholic Worker: ‘You go to where there is need’
On the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Catholic Worker Movement (May 1), Tom Fox spoke with Catholic Worker veteran Louis Rodemann of Holy Family House in Kansas City, Mo. Rodemann tells Fox: "The Catholic Worker is such a nitty-gritty, down to earth expression of Christian Catholic life that -- I say this not out of arrogance, but out of pride -- I think this is what Jesus had in mind."

More about the speaker
Christian Brother Louis Rodemann is the director of the Holy Family Catholic Worker House in Kansas City, Missouri. He has be been a Christian brother for 50 years and has been associated with the Holy Family Catholic Worker House for the past 26 years.


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