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Aug 30-Sept 12, 2013

Finding the lost


Students of Scripture know, in dealing with any biblical text, it's often more important to know the issues being addressed by the author in his or her own time than to know the history of the past events being recalled.

Plan ahead; count the cost


A first sergeant at a military base on the outskirts of Tokyo was trying to motivate his soldiers to think clearly, plan purposefully and execute their orders with competence. As a visual aid, he hung up a sign in the day room that said: PLAN AHE. Of course, it was supposed to read PLAN AHEAD; for years that sign hung on the wall, serving as an example of one who hadn't.

Union father inspires priest's stand with miners


Sitting on the pavement wearing a clear plastic poncho, Fr. Andy Switzer knew the drill.

The rain-soaked labor rally held July 9 at Fairmont State University in Fairmont, W.Va., had just concluded as police arrested him and 29 others sitting in the street adjacent to a football practice field that hosted more than 5,000 miners and supporters from eight states. Through a pre-arranged deal, police handcuffed the protesters and transported them to the station, where the union paid their bails.


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