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Pope Francis supports zero tolerance of child abuse


Pope Francis is on record as supporting zero tolerance for the sexual abuse of minors by priests. In a 2012 interview, then-Cardinal Bergoglio said that a bishop called him for advice on how to deal with it, and "I told him to take away the priests' licenses, not to allow them to exercise the priesthood any more, and to begin a canonical trial in that diocese’s court."

Could Pope Francis fit a popular progressive poem?


When DignityUSA posted Jan Phillips' essay, "If I Were Pope," early last week in its March news bulletin, I chuckled and shouted, "Yes!" Since Pope Benedict XVI retired last month, there has been no shortage of papal job descriptions appearing in newspapers and on the Internet. Progressive Catholics, environmentalists, social activists and ordinary people on the streets have poured forth their hopes, dreams and expectations for his successor with deeply felt passion.

Update on Pope Francis' ring


As part of his inauguration to his papal ministry Tuesday, Pope Francis received a special signet ring, the seal of which is used to signify approval of special Vatican documents.

All popes wear a special ring, named the fisherman's ring after Peter's initial job as a fisherman. 

Initial reports on Francis' ring, a gold-plate silver band with a small face carrying a relief image of a bearded St. Peter holding the symbolic keys to heaven, were a bit confused.


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