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Remembering a shepherd on conclave eve


Tens of thousands of words have been written about the cardinals and candidates who will be entering the conclave tomorrow at the Vatican.  One of these men will almost certainly emerge as our next pope. 

I hope he is a good man, an honest person who will live transparently and run a transparent church.  I hope his reach will have no bounds, embracing all the sinners and saints who make up the human family.  I hope he will be merciful and will restrain from judgments.

Final days of Benedict full of unclear calls for change


As a few night owls strolled through the crisp Roman evening Feb. 28, they were illuminated by one less reflection of lights. Behind the northern side of the square’s iconic colonnades, the apostolic palace was dark.

In a small but tell-tale sign of the transition facing the church, the lights of the pope’s apartment had been turned off.


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