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Key Vatican bishop signals detente on disputed theology


One of the Vatican's traditionally most powerful bishops may be signaling a relaxation in a half century of tensions between the church's hierarchy and theologians around the world -- on one issue, at least.

Over a period of decades, Catholic prelates in Rome and in many nations have sharply critiqued scores of theologians on a range of issues, from their writings on the church's sexual teachings to how they understand the nature of the person or mission of Jesus Christ.

Conservatives are reacting to Pope Francis


David Gibson of Religion News Service shares some of the latest reactions of traditionalist Catholics to the early days of the Francis papacy.

Gibson reports that a conservative blogger, Katrina Fernandez, asks “how can I love a pope who doesn’t even want to be pope.” To which question I am compelled to ask whether she loved Benedict XVI, who very clearly did not want to be pope either.

Paris Catholic University head: Theologians must tackle tough questions


Catholic priests and theologians in Europe cannot use "simplistic ways" of tackling moral questions and must develop a "competence to deal with new thinking" in order to engage secular society, the head of one of France's two pontifical universities said in June.

As Western Europe continues to become more secularized, said Fr. Philippe Bordeyne, theologians must be "faithful to the church teaching but also very faithful to the impulse of freedom."


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