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Archbishop Sartain, man appointed to oversee U.S. sisters, gives take on role


The archbishop appointed by the Vatican to have unprecedented authority over the organization representing the broad majority of U.S. women religious has spoken for the first time on his new role, saying he “gladly” accepted the appointment and sees it as an “opportunity to seek reconciliation.”

Seattle Archbishop Peter Sartain, who was announced in April as “archbishop delegate” of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), speaks for the first time in an article published today by America magazine.

Publishing of Sartain’s remarks comes the same day LCWR issued their first official statement regarding the Vatican move, saying it comes from a flawed process and has caused "scandal and pain throughout the church."

In his lengthy piece, written by the archbishop himself, Sartain frames the Vatican rebuke of U.S. women religious as one of a series of “inevitable conflicts and misunderstandings between religious congregations and their bishops.”



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