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Catholics’ last pitch for Obama


america_undecided.jpgCatholic scholars and political activists Ed Gaffney, Douglas W. Kmiec and Patrick Whelan wrote America Undecided: Why Obama Deserves a Second Term as a final attempt to persuade wavering Catholics that President Obama is our best hope to address a Catholic social agenda in the next four years. One has to wonder why it came so late in the election cycle — the publishing date was Oct.

IRS not investigating church politicking


Despite regulations that prohibit religious groups from overtly stepping into electoral politics for fear of losing their tax-exempt status, the Internal Revenue Service hasn't been investigating politicking by them for the past three years, The Associated Press reported this weekend.

Following a 2009 federal court order requiring the IRS to clarify its procedures for investigating such matters, the agency has since held those audits "in abeyance," according to an IRS official.

Romney and rape


I have a problem. Just now as the presidential election campaign is coming to a climax, a bevy of Catholic bishops is stating and re-stating its virtual support for Mitt Romney and urging the faithful to reject Barack Obama. The reason: Obama is trampling on Catholicism by requiring health insurers to provide contraceptive coverage. This, they insist, is an abomination comparable to Pontius Pilate’s agreement to crucify Jesus.

So here’s my problem. Why aren’t these bishops pouring at least equal criticism on Mitt Romney, who claims to be pro-life but isn’t. Yes, after much shifting and shuffling, Romney says he is opposed to abortion except – and here’s the point – except in certain, rare cases, including rape. That was his position when he last addressed the subject explicitly, and he’s given no indication of changing his mind at the last minute.



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