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Dolan, bishops tell Obama: Syria attack 'counterproductive'


Two key U.S. bishops wrote to President Barack Obama Wednesday, telling him that a planned U.S. military strike in Syria would be "counterproductive [and] will exacerbate an already deadly situation."

New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Des Moines, Iowa, Bishop Richard Pates, leaders of the U.S. bishops' conference, add their voices to a growing number of Catholic prelates and Christian leaders around the world criticizing the expected U.S. attack.

Key US bishop: Syria strike would cause 'inevitable havoc'


The U.S. bishop elected by the nation’s Catholic prelates to represent the church on international issues of justice said Friday that “negotiation is the resolution” to the conflict in Syria, not U.S. military intervention.

Des Moines, Iowa, Bishop Richard Pates, who heads the U.S. bishops’ office of international justice and peace, made his remarks in an NCR phone interview, hours after publishing of a letter from him to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on the matter stated dialogue was the “only option.”


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