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Eastern Catholics explain tradition, value of married priests


In Eastern Christianity -- among both Catholics and Orthodox -- a dual vocation to marriage and priesthood are seen as a call "to love more" and to broaden the boundaries of what a priest considers to be his family, said Russian Catholic Fr. Lawrence Cross.

Cross, a professor at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, was one of the speakers Tuesday at the Chrysostom Seminar in Rome, a seminar focused on the history and present practice of married priests in the Eastern churches.

Condoms pit bishops against health workers in Philippines


Perhaps you saw the Nov. 9th New York Times profile of the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in Manila where a reporter recently found more than 170 women and nearly as many newborns sharing fewer than 100 bed and dozens more expectant mothers lining the street outside, some sleeping on the sidewalk while waiting to get in.



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