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A 'Sundance virgin' on her first few films


Editor's note: Sr. Rose Pacatte is at the Sundance Film Festival, which runs through Sunday. She will write about her experiences for NCR, all of which will be able to be found here.

This is my first year at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, and as I listen to people chatter in the lines, what I hear most often is, "I am a Sundance virgin." OK, that fits.

From nuns to 'nones': 10 ways religion shaped the news in 2012


From the nuns to the "nones," religion dominated the headlines throughout 2012. Faith was a persistent theme in the presidential race, and moral and ethical questions surrounded budget debates, mass killings and an unexpected focus on "religious freedom."

Here are 10 ways religion made news in 2012:

Gun violence as a new "pro-life" issue



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